Sotto Voce / Select Choir

Students in Sotto Voce will meet weekly to build their musicianship through singing, sight reading, music theory and solfege.  Students participate in a variety of performances  including Grand Night (Kern County Honor Choir), Legacy Musical, Solo & Ensemble Festival and a special trip. Each student must attend 1 high school, college or professional concert per semester and turn in a program from the performance. Sotto Voce is also open to non-Legacy home school students. To Learn more contact Lisa Harper, or call 393-1783.

Robotics Team

Looking for something to do on your Tuesday and Thursday afternoons?  Join Legacy’s competitive VEX Robotics Team. The team meets from 3:30 to 4:30 designing robots to compete against other schools in local competitions.  No prior experience is necessary; come join us if you enjoy building and designing things!  Robotics is open to non-Legacy home school students.  To learn more, contact Dick Laughlin through the school office at 661-393-1783.

Congratulations to the Legacy Legoneers Team for winning 1st Place in the Vex Skills Challenge!

Edible Education

Edible Education provides a hands-on cooking classroom where students prepare healthy, fresh, seasonal produce in a simple way through culinary team building. At every class, students will sit down and eat what they have prepared at a communal table. The objective is that by providing students with knowledge and skills, they will discover where their food comes from and be able make the connection between food, health, and the environment. Students will use a variety of recipes and cooking methods, enabling them to make life long healthy food choices. Edible Education is also open to non-Legacy students. To learn more, contact Lorrie Brown or call 393-1783

Worship Team

As a ministry, the Worship Team exists to bring glory to Jesus Christ as we faithfully proclaim the Gospel through songs and the visual and creative arts. Our task is to lead the LCA community in praise and worship as a response to God’s nature (who He is) and actions (what He’s done), as revealed through His Word. Our desire is to hold out Jesus as Lord of All and fade into the background. The worship team is expected to be prepared, pursue excellence and build community. Worship Team provides musical support, spiritual training and a community of musicians with the goal of glorifying Christ. Interested students are required to complete an application and audition. To learn more contact John Harrell, 661-393-1783.

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